I’m starting a blog about songwriting and other really hard ways to make money. Such as, attack dog dummy,honey dipper,unapproved pharmaceutical tester,crash test dummy,cat herder,land mine detector and so on and so forth.

I really have no clue what a blog is or why anyone would ever read one that I have written. I am fairly certain that no one will read it and if they did it would only be to make fun of my deplorable spelling,grammar and punctuation. That being said, on with the tiny acorn of wisdom that I have obtained in my twenty odd years attempting to write songs.

Songwriting is easy, yeah, that’s right, easy. Writing a good song…not so much. Some start with a melody or a few words or both. Some seem to write themselves and some seem to want to kill you. I’ve written songs in ten minutes and some have been in the works for ten years. If you find yourself stuck, walk away and let it rest for a while. Don’t over think it. it ain’t rocket surgery.

Next lets address subject matter. Not all songs have to be about some profound epiphany of enlightenment. Some of the best(or in any case, at least some of the most popular) songs ever written are about nothing at all. I used to think that every song had to be personal and about a major event in my own life. I never thought of writing from someone else’s perspective, but I’ve learned by listening to other people when they talk, no matter how painful it may be, that they too can lend inspiration. I wrote a song about a couple I saw arguing over what whisky to buy that turned out pretty damn good. In short, write about everything you see. Write about things you’ve never seen. Write about stuff you don’t know jack shit about. I’m doing it right now and you’re reading it.

Now lets take a minute to talk about hooks. The hook brings you back according to blues traveler. That’s probably the only useful information that my ramblings will provide. Every hit song ever has a catchy chorus that you can sing along to. People want to feel like they know the song better than their friends while they sing it in their car. All the verses put together are about one percent as important as the chorus.

I really hope somebody out there reads this and takes a nugget from it.

thanks for reading, and write on!

Grant Dunaway

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